We have assembled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to Pine Ridge. Please let us know if you have questions you would like answered by using the form on the contact page of this website!

Questions About Parking

2016 Fire Marshal Letter
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Safety. The streets in Pine Ridge are not wide enough to accommodate 3 lanes of traffic. If every home on a street had one car parked in front of it overnight, there would not be enough room for emergency vehicles to pass through.

Limiting street parking to only guests keeps the number of cars parked on the street to a minimum and by doing so, the streets are kept open to allow for all emergency vehicles to navigate.

Click on the image to view 2016 letter from BTFD Fire Marshal, Daniel Wiltse explaining the situation.
Over the last few years, the board and various committees have looked into every possible place we could put a large parking area that allows for more than a few cars. There have been two main issues that have prevented overflow parking to be added:
  1. Most of the area surrounding Pine Ridge is protected wetlands
  2. Homeowners near selected areas do not want open parking close to their home.
No. There is not enough clearance to create safe, two-way access for vehicles into that area.
  1. Widen your driveway. All ACC requests for driveway widening are expedited to help alleviate problems as soon as possible.
  2. Use garage for parking. Most of the two-car garage homes were planned to accommodate two cars in the garage and two cars in the driveway.
  3. A combination of the above solutions. For a home with a two car garage, expanding your driveway by one spot and using your garage for parking can allow for up to 5 parked cars.
Pine Ridge cul-de-sacs have a turning radius that is difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate because they are only about two full driving lanes wide with no cars parked on them. For this reason, there is no parking on any cul-de-sac from the beginning of the curve to the end of the curve. This is for every cul-de-sac in the community, at all times.
Pine Ridge parking rules follow the Town of Bluffton Code of Ordinances. You can review those by clicking here. You can review the Pine Ridge Parking Rules and Guidelines by clicking here. There is also an illustration at the bottom of that page that may help.

Questions About Pools

No, that is not true. It may have been true at the time the builder (Centex) was still managing both properties in the early 2000s. At this time it is not possible for Pine Ridge residents to use the facilities at Pinecrest. The Pinecrest Golf Club is open to the public for a fee, however.
Yes, private swimming pools and spas are allowed. You must submit an ACC request prior to the installation of an in-ground pool. Above ground pools cannot be permanent installations. Inflatable pools are allowed. ALL POOLS & SPAS must be behind a privacy fence.
The community as a whole would need to approve purchase and installation costs of a community pool. Costs that will affect homeowner annual fees will include:
  • The availability/purchase of land for the pool.*
  • Installation of pump, bathrooms, decking, security lighting and security fence.
  • Landscaping fees after installation and continued landscape maintenance.
  • Setup, maintenance fees and insurance costs.
  • Security cameras and monitoring.
  • Liability insurance.
*The amount of property needed for pool installation is not available inside the community. Property outside the community not already reserved as protected wetlands would have to be purchased.