You can download a copy of these rules in PDF format by clicking here.

  • Residents must park their vehicles in the garage or on the driveway/parking pad.
    • No trailers, campers, RVs or watercraft may be outside of the garage.
  • Do not park:
    • On the street – unless a registered guest – towing will be enforced.
    • On or partially on the sidewalk.
    • Within an intersection or on a crosswalk.
    • On or partially on the lawn, all four (4) tires must be on the driveway.
    • At the end of a driveway blocking pedestrians from use of the sidewalk.
    • In the driveway such that the vehicle extends past the curb into the roadway.
    • Facing the opposite direction of traffic.
    • Across from another vehicle on the street.
    • Blocking use of any driveway.
    • Within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
    • Within 20′ of a crosswalk/intersection.
    • Within 30′ of a stop sign.
    • Around a cul-de-sac: This is prohibited – towing strictly enforced.
  • Work vehicles must be registered with management, see rules and regulations.
    • Work vehicles require special decals, properly displayed,to prevent towing.
  • All guest must be registered.
    Please notify prior to 10pm to ensure notice is received.
    with the following information:
    Year, make, model, color, tag number, state – guest of and address.

    • Guest vehicles may park on the street for a maximum period of 96 hours.
      • Guest vehicles shall park in front of the home being visited, when possible.
      • Vehicle shall be parked to the side of the street, do not block sidewalk.

When Towed:
Vehicle owner will pay the towing company in order to retrieve their vehicle, CASH ONLY, currently $230.
Call United Towing Company (843) 987-0800, after 8am: M-F, after 9am: S-S, to retrieve vehicle.
NOTE: There is no contract between Pine Ridge POA and the Towing Company.


  • All residents must display a Pine Ridge decal on their lower driver’s side windshield.
    If you do not have a decal on each of your vehicles, please fill out the vehicle information sheet.
    Email, Fax or Mail to: Pine Ridge POA, c/o BAM, PO Box 1225, Beaufort SC 29901
  • Any homeowner may expand their driveway, where available, with ACC approval.

Revised 11/02/18