You can download a copy of these rules in PDF format by clicking here.

  1. Resident Parking
    1. ALL Vehicles belonging to Pine Ridge residents must be registered with the Property Owners Association via the Parking Attendant website at Not registering vehicles could result in $50 fine.
    2. ALL Vehicles registered must display a Smart Decal from Parking Attendant, placed on the lower driver’s side windshield. If no smart decal is displayed a $50 fine may be charged.
    3. All Vehicles registered must be able to be accommodated by the area available in the driveway or parked in the garage.
    4. Vehicles belonging to residents may not be parked on the street.
    5. Vehicles belonging to residents may not be registered as Guests.
    6. No trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, watercraft of any kind, may be parked outside of the garage on the driveway or parking pad, and never on the street.
    7. Vehicles should never block sidewalks.
    8. For security reasons, no vehicles may be parked on cul de sac streets or islands for any reason. There are no exceptions.
  2. Guest Parking
    1. Guests” are defined as a visitor to a residence staying overnight on at least one night, but not to exceed 4 nights (96 hours or one 4-day weekend).
    2. Guests who may be visiting for longer than 96 hours may receive an extension on a case by case basis. Exceptions may be requested (after the guest is first registered with Parking Attendant) by emailing
    3. Guests registered on the Parking Attendant website are placed on a Safe List, which precludes them for being towed for being an unregistered guest, between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM the following day.
    4. Every guest should be registered regardless of length of stay or hours of visit. Guests who are only visiting during the hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM are not required to be registered as guests. HOWEVER, if they are identified as committing a parking violation, they may be towed as an unregistered guest.
    5. Registered Guests must obey all parking restrictions (see “No Parking Areas” below.). Violators may be towed even if they are registered guests.
    6. Hosts must register Guests by scanning the QR code on the magnet provided or by visiting Information Required to Register:
      1. Host’s street address
      2. License Plate number of Guest’s Vehicle
      3. Host’s Personal Passcode (provided with the Host’s resident decals)
      4. Host email address
      5. Host contact telephone number.
    7. Guests should park on the side of the street, parked in the direction of the flow of traffic, and as close to the Host residence as possible, without violating any No Parking Area restrictions.
    8. Guest vehicles should never block sidewalks.
  3. Home Health Visitors or Other Day-Time Extended or Frequent Visitors
    1. As with Registered Guest extensions, frequent visitors, such as home health care providers, hospice nurses, physical therapists, etc., who visit frequently may be registered and receive an extended authorization.
    2. Visitors who will be parked on the street for longer than 4 hours between 6am and 11pm should be registered.
    3. Any frequent visitor who will be remaining overnight must be registered as a guest, but may also receive an extended authorization if they will be returning on a regularly scheduled basis, or more frequently.
  4. Parties or Large Gatherings
    1. Any vehicle attending a party or gathering which will be parked on the street after 10:00pm should be registered as a Guest with Parking Attendant, via the magnet QR code or logging on to
    2. Guests attending parties or gatherings must obey all Pine Ridge parking regulations and restrictions. This may create a regrettable inconvenience for some Guests, but road space is limited and safety is paramount.
    3. Even registered Guests may be towed if they violate parking restrictions, create a safety hazard, or create an obstacle to the smooth flow of traffic for other residents. Hosts may be fined if their registered Guests fail to obey Pine Ridge parking regulations and restrictions.
    4. Unregistered Guests, parked on the street after 10:00pm, or on cul de sacs at any time, will be towed. (See Towing Enforcement below)
  5. “No Parking” Areas
    No parking areas are identified in the community to conform to local and state laws, and to ensure an orderly flow of traffic for residents, as well as emergency vehicles which must pass on our narrow streets. Parking is prohibited in Pine Ridge:
    1. On a sidewalk, or in a driveway blocking a sidewalk.
    2. Within an intersection or a designated crosswalk.
    3. In a driveway, but with the vehicle extending past the curb and into the street.
    4. On the street facing the opposite direction of traffic.
    5. On, or partially on, the lawn. All four (4) tires must be on the driveway.
    6. Across from another vehicle already parked on the street.
    7. If a vehicle blocks the use of any driveway.
    8. Within 15’ of a fire hydrant.
    9. Within 20’ of a crosswalk/intersection
    10. Within 30’ of a Stop sign.
    11. On, or around, the curve of a cul de sac, or on the island of a cul de sac. This is prohibited. There are no exceptions. Towing will be strictly enforced.

      See image below for more information.
  6. Towing Enforcement
    1. 1st Parking Violation will result in a warning decal (provided by Parking Boss), and a fine of $250, but the vehicle will not be towed. (Previous violations will be recorded in Parking Boss)
    2. 2nd Parking Violation will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
    3. When a vehicle is towed, the vehicle owner must deal directly with the towing company
    4. The towing company is United Towing Company at 843-987-0800, after 8:00 AM, M-F, or after 9:00 AM Saturday or Sunday to retrieve the towed vehicle.
    5. United Towing accepts CASH ONLY.
    6. At the time of this writing, the towing charge is currently $250.
  7. Reminders:
    1. All residents must display a Smart Decal on their lower driver’s side windshield.
    2. If you have not received your decal or need additional decals for each of your vehicles, please email or by calling 843-524-2207.
    3. Additional decals may be requested by emailing

Any homeowner may expand their driveway to accommodate additional vehicles, where yard space is available, with ACC approval. Please see Pine Ridge ACC Design Standards for submission requirements.

Last revised 30 November, 2023