The Pine Ridge Community has several committees open to residents to both support and improve our neighborhood. We encourage all residents to get involved in the community and volunteer to be on one or several of the committees in your neighborhood.

Reasons To Volunteer

  • To protect. Your self-interests. Your property values. Maintain or improve the quality of life in your community.
  • To help correct a problem. Many of the ideas that improve & help make great our community come from those who participate on a committee.
  • To be sociable. Meet your neighbors. Make friends. Exchange opinions / ideas.
  • To give back. Help to make your community a better place for you and others.
  • To have some fun. Association work isn’t all drudgery. It can be fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors knowing that you are working to improve and maintain your neighborhood.
  • To express yourself. Help with creative projects like community beautification or social events.

Committees that we would welcome new volunteers into include the following:

ACC Committee
Responsible for the review and approval of any proposed installation, construction or alteration of any structure on any home site.
NOTE: This Committee is comprised of 3 volunteers each with a one year term minimum.

Community Improvement Committee
Responsible for researching and presenting ideas to the Board for improvements within the Pine Ridge Community.

Communication & Social Committees
Responsible for publishing the newsletter and the planning of social gatherings. If you have any Social events you would like to see happen in the community this year, please send your suggestions using the form on our contact page.

Grounds & Lagoon Committee
Responsible for matters dealing with the common areas and the lagoons.If you have a green thumb or are interested in helping with the landscape, please join these committees.

Parking & Security Committees
Responsible for matters dealing with parking & security.

If you would like to volunteer for any committee or would like to see a new committee established, please use the form below to contact the Pine Ridge Property Owners Association.

Committee Volunteer Form

This form is available for download in PDF format.

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