Board Information

We would like to thank Sybil Nienke, who resigned earlier this month, for her service and dedication to the board and community. We appreciate her time, talent and hard work that has made a difference in our community.

The Board will continue with a four person board at this time. There are four openings that will expire on 12/31/19, which are coming available on the board for 2 year terms.

If you are interested in serving on your board of directors, please keep in mind that a short one or two paragraph bio will need to be submitted no later than October 31, 2019.

Consider getting involved in your community!!

ACC Committee has volunteer opportunities available. The ACC is responsible for the review and approval of any proposed installation, construction or alteration of any structure on any home site.

If you are interest in volunteering please send an email to: or use the form located on our website at