Board President’s Message – Fall 2020

It has been an active time for us with the new street sign project being completed. Our planned road project of patching was done. We do plan in October for a new coat of sealer to be placed on all our roads. If you are a walker, you may have noticed the two new safety walkways at the entrances. We have two new informational signs/bulletin boards coming for both entrances. This fall we will be doing our new enhancement program to our entrances.

School is about to start this year. We want to keep reminding parents that kids ARE NOT to play in the streets. Pine Ridge Drive has become a speedway to some people. I almost got hit one day at the front entrance as someone was speeding in from Buckwalter. Please slow down and keep your kids off the streets. Let’s keep everyone safe who walks by not blocking sidewalks. Also parking has been an issue. The most common problems are parking on sidewalks, parking in the wrong direction and not emailing your guest(s) information in. We have an informational cut out for you in this newsletter to help you remember.

We ask that you as an owner to get involved with your community. Please think about running for a board position this year. There are possibly three positions open this year.