Board VP Message – September 2018

With the kids back in school and fall approaching – Sunday, September 23rd – there will be lots for all of us to do to keep our community in tip top shape.

Several owners / residents received notices about power washing and other outdoor home maintenance requirements over the summer. Thank you all for taking care of those items and thanks to the rest for doing it on your own. Keep it up as we will continue to monitor the community to ensure we are complying with our covenants, rules and regulations as well as the design standards. Which can all be found on our website,

Please remember: Items in our covenants CANNOT be changed without 67% of owners, in good standing, voting in favor of any changes. As of 7/31/18, that would require 175 votes.

If you haven’t attended a Board Meeting recently, please plan to attend as often as you can. This community is not just made up of your Board members; we want to hear from you as the owners & residents. Coming to the meetings can provide you with insight as to why some items are not getting done while others are taking longer than expected.

Next meeting is on Monday September 10th at 6:15 where we will be having Hargray come and speak about what they are doing in the community and you can also respond to how you think they are doing.

The remaining meetings this year will also be ones you won’t want to miss.

Sybil Nienke