Bristlestone Court Resolution

Hello Pine Ridge Neighbors,

Your Board is happy to report that several members met with the owner of 3 Bristlestone Ct and their attorney on Monday (May 20, 2019). The focus of this meeting was to have the house torn down as soon as possible.

After 3 hours of deliberations, we were all able to come to a settlement agreement which includes demolition of the house and permission to obtain / store a POD in the driveway and several dumpsters on the property until demolition is complete or August 1st.

We wanted to let everyone know as the demolition is set to commence this week, but depending on the weather, it could be postponed to next week.

We do not have a timeframe for a rebuild, but do intend to work with the owner, to keep the vacant lot maintained until a new house can be erected.

On behalf of your Board, we appreciate your patience over the last few years waiting for some resolution, which we believe is finally on its way.


Sybil Nienke

President, Pine Ridge POA