I wanted to reach out to you in an effort to clear up some confusion surrounding the information given out this past weekend to the resident owners and tenants of our community.

The packet was provided as a “pre-notice” so that residents would have ample time to adjust to the new Pine Ridge Rules; Parking Rules, Rules and Regulations, along with the Design Standards. The Covenants and By-laws were not included in the packets as these items DID NOT change.

The cover letter mentioned gathering a group of 209 (67%) owners. The intent for including this information was to provide an avenue for owners who are unhappy with the current covenant restrictions to push for positive change within our community. Note that a formal vote of at least 67% of non-delinquent owners is required to enact a change to the covenants. If you are unhappy with our covenants, it is going to take a very large number of us to make that change happen. My goal with this is to see change happen in Pine Ridge with us all working together for a better community.

The packets were hand delivered in an attempt to save money for our community. Postage for a package like this would have been approximately $500 to deliver to all of the residents. (Packets ARE being mailed to all of the non-resident owners.) Hand delivery was also done to make it more personal. We were not able to see all of the residents, but it was nice meeting those who we did. If you would like a copy delivered via USPS, please contact Bundy Management.

We understand that registering guest vehicles will be a cumbersome process for drop-in visitors. Using this system was the best negotiated solution to the parking.

TIP: When you are having a planned event, such as a birthday party or social gathering, simply send an email to the address provided.
For Example — SUBJECT LINE: Gathering at “your address”, include the date and time of event.

It would be preferred for you to send this notification on the morning of your event. This will help the towing company so that your notice doesn’t get lost within the other submitted notifications.

The owner vehicle registration decals for Pine Ridge are being updated. Please continue to send in your registration as the new rules will not be in effect until April 15th, at which time the new decals will be provided. Ensure all vehicles (including personal and work vehicles) are registered.

If you have any additional question, we invite you to attend our next scheduled board meeting, April 9th at 6:15pm at the Fire Station on 278 between Buckwalter and Rose Hill plantation.

Very Respectfully,
Sybil Nienke
Vice President, Pine Ridge POA