Community Improvement Committee Message – Summer 2019

School is out, and the weather is hot. Summertime always brings additional outside activity in our neighborhood. So, take time to assess some of the safety concerns of all our neighbors:

  • More Kids Are Out and About! During the school year, we’re aware of kids going to and from school. But, during this time of year, kids can be anywhere, at any time. Keep speeds slow, put phones down, and keep eyes up for playing children!
  • Swimming Pools Are Tempting, Even When Mom Isn’t Around! Development Rules and Regs require small, inflatable or plastic children’s pools to be emptied and stored out of view whenever they are not in use. Even 6″ of water can be deadly to a toddler! They are loads of fun, but use them safely!
  • Trampolines, Slides and Swing Sets – Anchored and Sturdy! Take a few minutes to ensure any recreational equipment is as safe as possible. Trampolines, in particular, can be especially dangerous if they don’t have safety fencing around their perimeter. If your trampoline does not have safety netting, consider removing it and stowing it, when not in use. Ensure all recreational equipment is anchored, sturdy, no sharp or rusted edges, or obvious hazards.
  • Water, Water, Water! (#1) – Lagoons are pretty to look at. Alligators are not. It isn’t necessary to terrify kids with lurid stories about alligators, but they are a reality in our neighborhoods. Talk to your kids about staying safely away from the lagoons, and by all means, notifying an adult if they see an alligator or snake in the area. Kids need to know that under no circumstances, should they ever enter the water of a lagoon!
  • Water, Water, Water! (#2) – It’s Hot and We’re Thirsty! Youngsters (and oldsters!) can get overheated very quickly on these hot, humid days. Likewise, puppies and kitties. Please ensure that kids have easy access to water, and that any animals that are outside during the day have plenty of cool water, shade, and food.

Neighbors make the neighborhood! If you identify a safety concern that involves any of our neighbors, or if you have any questions about a specific issue, please contact one of the Board Members for clarification.