Director at Large Message – Summer 2019

It appears several residents / home owners have become slack on adhering to the parking rules. The Board has also been slack on towing since it seemed everyone was doing their part, but if the lack of adherence keeps up, we will have to start towing 24/7.

It is very important that you register your guests and remember that the old hang tags are no longer effective; the parking rules are available online at

You will also find that it is $75 first occurrence increasing $75 every time thereafter. If you do not have enough space to park the cars living at your residence, please consider expanding your driveway. Many of your neighbors have done this and it is greatly appreciated by your community.

Reminder: There is no parking on the street 24 /7.

Only registered guests are allowed to park on the street for maximum of 96 hours or 4 days at a time. Register you guests, make, model and license plate number at

The Board is working on providing a location for overflow parking.

If you have a suggestion, please email me,

NOTE: Any area would have to be approved by 100% of the residents surrounding that area.