Earth Day 2021

This year in honor of Earth Day we are asking community members to clean up the areas around their home and in the street / curb area in front of your home. Anyone feeling truly ambitious might want to take a stroll through the playground area and pick up any trash there!

To help with clean up around the outside of your home, the Pine Ridge POA will be distributing paper lawn/leaf bags for yard debris only! Those will be picked up by one of our volunteers and disposed of at the County Convenience Center.

Please protect yourself with gloves when picking up trash!  Any trash that you pick up should be bagged and placed in your own waste receptacle! Please do not put trash in the lawn/leaf bags. We will not be picking up trash bags – only lawn bags!

Bags will be dropped off on Thursday April 22 or Friday April 23 (drop off). Pickup will be the afternoon of Saturday, April 23 – possibly Sunday. We are still coordinating this.

If you would like to participate in the community’s Earth Day event, please sign up below.