Fourth of July Fireworks Reminders

The towns of Bluffton, Beaufort, and Port Royal all have ordinances which make it illegal to discharge fireworks inside the city limits. Bluffton’s ordnance includes Pine Ridge. While South Carolina has some of the most liberal sale and purchase laws for fireworks in the nation, the USE of fireworks is heavily restricted, due to the frequency of injury to users, and fire damage to property. If the police become involved in illegal discharge incidents, you run the risk of fines for discharging fireworks inside Bluffton Town Limits of up to $500 per incident.

In addition, just being a considerate neighbor is another reason to consider taking advantage of the spectacular fireworks exhibitions that are free and open to the public. In our neighborhoods, we have a significant number of military veterans for whom a sudden, startling explosion of fireworks near their home can trigger incredible anxiety. Not to mention, the infants and small children who might be startled, and terrified animals who suffer thru explosions and light that they don’t understand and can’t escape.

While you might be willing to risk breaking the law to detonate your fireworks, please consider that, while the police may not become involved, you may be enjoying your fireworks at the expense of your neighbor’s enjoyment of their holiday, you may be risking injury to yourself or your children, and you might be risking fire damage to your, or your neighbor’s, property.

Have a happy, safe, Fourth of July!