Grounds Committee Flower Planting

This week, members of the Grounds Committee selected and purchased flowers to plant at the Buckwalter & H.E. McCracken entrances.

Committee leader Betty Black and two committee members – Suzette Henshaw & myself (Patti M.) – took a shopping trip to the garden department at Lowe’s in Bluffton. We were fortunate enough to be assisted by a couple of great store associates in making decisions on plants. The department manager was also kind enough to give our organization a generous bulk discount that helped keep our purchases way under budget!

Flowers purchased included: Lantana (mixed color), Blue Speedwell, Rose Pentas, Tickseed (yellow/orange), Summer Snapdragon (white), and yellow marigolds. Our goal was to select plants that were heat tolerant, could handle full sun, were deer resistant, and brought lots of color to our entrances!

Planting took place over two days. Friday morning, May 3, the Buckwalter entrance was planted by Betty Black, Dave Bryan, and Suzette Henshaw. Saturday afternoon, May 4, the H.E. McCracken entrance was planted while dodging rain clouds & thunder. Those helpers were also Betty, Dave, Suzette, and myself, joined by Sarah Neblett and her wonderful children, Hailey & Aiden!

In a few weeks, after getting a little rain, a lot of sunshine, you should start seeing the colorful results!

The workers were cheered on by residents coming and going and appreciated all the encouragement and kind words. We hope to have more people join us for more grounds projects in the future, and look forward to your ideas & suggestions.

Please use the contact form send in ideas and please join one of the committees to be a part of this great neighborhood!

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