January Notices & Reminders

Welcome to the new – and hopefully better than last – year! We hope that you are all well and safe, and that this year brings us all a little relief from the COVID storm.

If you haven’t already signed up for a committee, please take a moment to visit the Pine Ridge Community Committee page to review & sign up!

Important Notices

Holiday decorations need to be taken down no later than January 25. (Architectural Design Standards, pg. 10)

Inspections will be shifting from 4x a year to 3x a year. The new schedule will be April, July, & October. Your home must able to pass power wash inspection in July.

POA Assessments are due by January 31st. You can prepay for the year and save $40. See your invoice for details.

Parking Reminder

Do not park on both sides of the street. Doing so will impede access for large emergency vehicles. Our streets are too narrow to safely accommodate parking on both sides of the street.