Lake Bank Notice

The Pine Ridge Board of Directors met last evening (June 11, 2018) and wanted a reminder email blast sent out.

Please remember as per the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements for Pine Ridge at Buckwalter Article 9 Maintenance and Repair, Section B. By the Residential Owners #3. Lake Bank: The landscaped area between the water line of a Lake and an adjoining Waterfront Lot shall be reserved hereby for the use and enjoyment of the Residential Owner of the subject Lot and all other Residential Owners shall be restricted from entering upon such area, except as a guest or invitee of such Residential Owners. (Please click here to view covenants in new window.)

This means that the area behind homes which back up to the lagoons to the water’s edge of the lagoon is only for the use of that resident and invited guests. No other residents are allowed to congregate in or fish at that area, unless invited by the resident of that property.