Message From Board Members Sybil Nienke & Betty Black

The Board would like to thank those owners who attended last nights’, April 9th, Board meeting. Much of the discussion was centered on the Parking Rules recently distributed to the community.

It was also brought out that residents have been contacting United Towing for reasons other than registering a guest vehicle or retrieving an already towed vehicle.

  • The email provided on your magnet card is for the guest registration only, Emails sent for any other purpose will only convolute the system.
  • The phone number is for retrieval only; we ask that you be respectful and considerate when contacting this company by adhering to the times provided on the magnet card.

If you have any issues with the current parking rules, please forward your concerns to Bundy Management for Board review. The towing company has no say in our rules and regulations regarding towing.

Furthermore, it seems there is concern over the towing company incorrectly towing a vehicle. If this were to ever be the case and an owner can show that an email was properly sent to the address provided, we will work with that owner to reimburse for the cost of the tow, once the vehicle has been retrieved.

Additionally, regarding parties / gatherings:
You do not have to document every car attending an event at your residence, but as was stated previously in the “clarifications” document sent out, we do ask that you provide notice of the event.

Example: SUBJECT LINE: Gathering at “your address”, include the date and time of event.

It would be preferred for you to send this notification on the morning of your event as this will help the towing company so that your notice doesn’t get lost within the other submitted notifications.

Please be sure to fill out your vehicle registration forms, mail or email them to Bundy Management, to receive the new 2018 parking decal. Remember work vehicles require a separate decal to not be fined.

Again, we thank all those who attended the meeting and invite you all to come back and others to join.

Thank you for your support,

Sybil Nienke & Betty Black
Pine Ridge POA