New Hargray Pricing

Hello Pine Ridge Neighbors.

There have been many questions regarding the new pricing coming with the Hargray contract.

Below is the process provided by our representative, Mark Reinhardt, for the path forward with Hargray.

In the meantime, if residents have issues, they can email Hargray at

Or, if they wish to email the CEO directly, his name is Michael Gottdenker

Sybil [Nienke]
(Acting Board President)

New pricing process:

  • We will draft and finalize the new agreement with all the benefits discussed
  • During the agreement process, we will begin getting the new pricing codes ready in our billing system
  • Once signed, we will provide you with an e-mail to send outlining the new pricing and speed options, including a special phone number for Pine Ridge residents to call to take advantage of these benefits. The number rings into a specialized team that will be trained on the Pine Ridge pricing and speed options
  • After a few weeks, we will then call the residents we do not hear from to ensure they are aware of the new benefits, and update their accounts (if they wish to do so). No one is forced to take the new offers
  • We can also discuss holding a few informational sessions for residents who have questions that are specific to their needs

Note: To remain in compliance with regulatory standards, we will need to speak with the account holder of record to make changes to the accounts.

Mark Reinhardt
Director of Community Relations

5 Buck Island Road
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910
O: 843-815-1988
M: 843-683-0105
F: 843-815-9100