New Mailboxes for the Community

For those of you who did not attend this year’s annual meeting, the Board has purchased and is installing new mailboxes and posts throughout the Pine Ridge community as a one-time courtesy to all owners.

The project will begin the week of January 8th continuing for a few weeks to completion.

  • If you are:
    • Concerned about any landscaping or decorations around/on your mailbox/post, please have it removed before your scheduled installation day, see below.
    • Wanting to keep your mailbox/post, please leave a note taped to the inside flap of the mailbox “door” for the installer to leave it at your residence for you to dispose of.
  • Once the mailbox has been installed:
    • A board representative will apply your house number.
    • Please do not install logos, or alter your mailbox or post in any way. This will result in a request for removal of the item or fines if not removed.
  • Please note:
    • The mailboxes will be installed in the order shown below. There may be a delay due to weather, etc., but shall not occur any sooner.
    • I have requested the mailbox at 54 Pine Ridge Dr. to be among the last installed.
    • Therefore, if my mailbox has not been installed, the project is still underway.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we work to improve our community!

Mailbox Installation Schedule

Day 1N. Wiregrass, Boxtail & Spruce3 & 5 Spruce, 1 thru 17 (odd) Wiregrass Way , ALL Boxtail & 25 thru 29 (even) Wiregrass Way
Day 2S. Wiregrass4 thru 44 (even) Wiregrass Way
Day 3Spruce11 thru 31 (odd) Spruce and 2 thru 18 (even) Spruce
Day 4S. Groveway & Torrey10 thru 20 (even) Grove Way and ALL Torrey Ln
Day 5N. Groveway7 thru 37 (odd) and 22 thru 38 (even) Grove Way
Day 6Bristle Stone, Longleaf, Hemlock & N. Woodland HillsALL Bristle Stone, Longleaf, Hemlock and 3 thru 19 (odd) Woodland Hills Dr
Day 7S. Woodland Hills & Holly Ridge4 & 6 Holly Ridge Dr, 23 thru 35 (odd) and 4 thru 36 (even) Woodland Hills Dr
Day 8Holly Ridge100 thru 126 Holly Ridge Dr
Day 9W. Heather Glenn3 thru 43 (odd) Heather Glenn Ln
Day 10E. Heather Glenn & Stonefield4 thru 42 (even) Heather Glenn Ln and ALL Stonefield
Day 11W. Pine Ridge1 thru 33 Pine Ridge Dr (odd numbers)
Day 12E. Pine Ridge8 thru 48 (even) Pine Ridge Dr, NOTE: 12 Pine Ridge already installed
Day 13E. Pine Ridge78 thru 108 (even) Pine Ridge Dr
Day 14W. Pine Ridge67 thru 103 (odd) Pine Ridge Dr
Day 15E. / W. Pine Ridge49 thru 65 (odd) and 50 thru 68 (even) Pine Ridge Dr