October 2017


We want to remind owners and tenants once again that your vehicle will be towed if you use the guest parking tags a regular basis on your car. We have several who do that: one on Spruce, three on Heather Glen, one on Wiregrass, one on Grove Way and sometimes one on Pine Ridge. This is your warning to stop or your vehicle will be towed. Some are too lazy to move their vehicle into the driveway. We will tell the towing company to tow you.

Pine Ridge Parking Rule for Owners, Tenants and their guests states the following:

  • Homeowners and Residents must park all vehicles in their own garage and/or driveway.
  • No long term on street parking is allowed in Pine Ridge. Towing will take place between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM of unauthorized vehicles. Owners will have to pay the towing company in order to retrieve their vehicles. The towing company is United Towing Company (843-987- 0800).
  • All overnight guests must be registered with management including: make, model, color and license plate number of their vehicle via email at pineridgeparking@bundyinc.com and must display a guest parking permit to prevent their vehicle from being towed. Guest with proper identification (tag) on their vehicle are allowed to park on the street for a period of 72 hours.

The towing company comes through the complex every night. Towing is $230 which is paid in cash directly to the towing company (United Towinq-843-987-0800).

We have had a good response to expanding the driveway.

We also looking for other ways to help the parking. Ideas please contact me or come to a POA meeting.

For more information, please contact Kathy Bundy or Betty Black

Lagoon Committee

We will be around checking lagoons this month. Notices will be sent to owner with non- compliant lagoons. We will be checking again on November 4 of the non-compliant lagoons.

I have seen many maintaining their lagoon as they always have done in the past. As many residents have said regular maintenance takes less than 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a month during the growing season and the rest of the year once a month. This would save you the extra bill of $250 or more twice a year. We will be monitoring the lagoon bank year round. You could receive a reminder on your door “Do not to forget your lagoon bank when mowing.”

Any questions or concerns about lagoon cleaning please email Kathy Bundy or Betty Black.

ACC Committee

Thanks to Carol Puryear, Tom McEwin and Harry Santana for serving on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Please remember that any project done to the outside of your home or yard, must have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to beginning the project. You can locate the ACC Approval form on our Documents Page.

Has your email address changed?

Are you receiving the periodic emails from the association? There are times when email blasts are sent out to all residents regarding particular issues of importance. In order to help facilitate quick access to community email blasts, we request you update your information with Bundy Management using our contact form or by submitting a new owner information form found on our Documents Page.