Pine Ridge Lagoon System

Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, the Town of Bluffton and other officials asked HOAs and POAs to lower the water level in their lagoons.

Your Association has no way of directly lowering the water levels in your lagoons.

The Town of Bluffton does have two pump sites that they use to lower the water levels, by pumping the water into the bubbler irrigation system they installed, with approval of the Pine Ridge Board back in 2014.

However, Pine Ridge has no control over when lagoon water is pumped out, or how much.

Pine Ridge has three gravity-fed drainage outfalls located along Buckwalter Parkway which are connected directly to three lagoons, those three lagoons are connected to five other lagoons in Pine Ridge.

Unless water is pumped out into the bubbler irrigation system, excess water drains out to the drainage outfalls when it reaches a specified level.

There is one gravity-fed drainage outfall behind Woodland Hills which drains the remaining three lagoons into the wetland area, that the Association owns, however no development can take place in those wetlands.

The Board felt that it is necessary to provide this information to you.

Attached is the master drainage information for the association that maybe helpful.

Master Drainage Info (PDF)

– Pine Ridge Board of Directors