Pine Ridge Pet Rule Reminder

It has been brought to the board’s attention that some pet owners are not picking up after their pets.

Please remember:


  • County ordinances require that no pet (cat, dog, etc.) is allowed to roam freely in the community and is not allowed to leave its owners lot without being controlled by a leash.
  • Homeowners/Residents are responsible for cleaning up after their pet(s) (cat or dog) while walking in their own yard, in common areas and in other homeowners property;
  • All owners of Homesites, their tenants and guests are required to insure that their pets do not become a nuisance or a danger to neighbors. (Excessive barking by dogs, allowing your pet to run freely onto other lots or common properties or throughout the community and allowing your pet to use common properties or the lot of another homeowner are all considered a nuisance.) The Board of Directors, or any aggrieved Homeowner, may resort to providing governmental authorities with notice of a nuisance to deal with such animals. Most governmental agencies are authorized to levy significant fines against property owners for violations of their ordinances;