Pine Ridge POA – News Brief – November 2018

Due to some minor errors, changes were required to the current Rules & Regulations as well as the Design Standards distributed earlier this year. The Board of Directors took this opportunity to meet with members of the Architectural Control Committee to re-review these documents as well as to highlight / ensure consistency with our Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions & Easements for Pine Ridge at Buckwalter. A paper copy of the updated documents will be delivered to all owners / residents via US. Mail later this month, but are currently available online for your convenience. Please review these documents as there is a significant amount of information that has been added / updated.

The Board has also selected an approved “color pallets” for your shutters and door colors. This information is available on-line as well as through Bundy Management.

At this same time, your Board discussed the use of the $15 ACC submittal fee and has determined that this fee collected for the improvement of an individual’s property will be collected as usual, but will be used in the following year to improve the community common property or to benefit residents as determined appropriate by the Board.

We will again be offering owners the option to pay their assessments at a discounted rate of $500 for the year, if paid in advance. Please take advantage of this service if possible, as it saves you money as well as our community in the long run.

We need your help. If you notice any sidewalks in your area that are in need of repair, please contact Bundy Management. The notification needs to include a photo of the problem as well as the house number and street where it is located. These repairs are the responsibility of the community and need to be addressed for everyone’s safety.

As you are all probably aware, the nomination period for next year’s Board elections has ended. Due to a lack of response and the current Board operating at three (3) members, we feel it will be in the best interest of the community to continue with three Board members. Therefore, we will have one (1) available seat to fill at the upcoming Annual meeting in December. Later this month, you will be receiving your member packet which will have a new ballot listing the current nominee(s) as well as allowing each of you to write in a candidate if you choose to do so.

There will also be the option of selecting / voting on write in candidates at the Annual meeting. Please be sure to send in your ballots or attend the meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of our committees, please fill out the form online OR download, print and submit it to Bundy Management via postal mail. New Year’s bring new opportunities.