President Message – Summer 2019

President Message,  Sybil Nienke

It is summer once again, we understand that it is HOT this time of year in the South, but we need you to keep up with the care and keeping of the outside of your homes; yard maintenance, power washing…disposing or properly storing items that do not belong around the exterior of your home. You never know when the Board will be evaluating your home and you can’t say you weren’t warned, it is all in your Covenants, Rules and Regulations as well as the Design Standards. All of which are available to you online at

As you are all probably aware by now; 3 Bristlestone has been under demolition for the last few weeks. Please be patient and know that your board is in contact with the owner as well as his attorney to ensure that this project is completed as quickly as possible and that the debris will be cleaned; the lot presentable until a new home can be erected.

The question was asked at the last board meeting about the use of the Pinecrest’s community pool.

I spoke with Pinecrest’s current President, David DeLaRosa, he stated “there was never a time where any other community was allowed to use the amenity center within Pinecrest. I am a resident of this community since 2005 and I have been on the board of directors for the last four years. Several years ago we had to start using and hiring a pool attendant, to stop outside communities from coming in and using our amenities center… The only way to use the amenity center and not be a resident of the community, would be to join the golf club. Anyone who joins the golf club, the amenity center is included in their membership and maybe that is what the real estate agents were trying to convey, but either deliberately misrepresented that information, or it was a little bit of a miscommunication“.

If you are interested in joining Pinecrest golf club to enjoy their amenities, please contact Brent Miller with Brown Golf at