Quarterly Assessment Relief for Pine Ridge Residents

In recognition of the financial distress placed on many of the families who live in our community, the Board of Directors has elected to defer collection of Quarterly POA Assessments and to waive all late fees and interest payments until October, 2020 for families whose employment has been negatively affected by the COVID-epidemic.

If you are currently on an existing payment plan, your monthly assessments would also be deferred and the period of repayment extended for 6 months.

If you are able to continue to pay your quarterly assessments, or you have taken advantage of the discount for paying the entire year’s worth of assessments, you do not need to do anything.

To take advantage of this relief, you must:

Email Bundy Property Management with the following information:

In the body of the email,

  • In the Subject Line of your email, please enter “Quarterly Assessment Relief”
  • Your name and address
  • Your employer
  • Whether you were laid off or are furloughed
  • Whether or not your lay off or furlough is temporary or permanent (if you know that information).
  • State that you agree to work with the Board at the end of the deferment period to work out a suitable and equitable repayment plan for assessments which are due.

Those without email or internet access may request the deferment thru regular postal mail.

This deferral does not apply to non-resident owners who are leasing or renting their homes in Pine Ridge, unless the non-resident owner provides evidence that they are making rent reductions or accommodations to their tenants.

If you or your family is in a unique situation that the information above does not address, please email the Board thru Bundy Management, and we will do our best to reach some accommodation.

Bills for the Assessments are mailed automatically, and late fees and interest are also recorded automatically. We will provide further information about whether or not the bills can be altered before being sent. HOWEVER, the total for any deferment repayment plan with be the amount of the quarterly assessment without any late fees or interest, regardless of what is stated on the bill.

Pine Ridge Board of Directors