Reminders for Pine Ridge Residents

Couple of reminders from the Pine Ridge Board of Directors:

1. Pine Ridge ACC Standards do allow for “portable” or “movable” basketball goals to be used in the driveway of a residence. However, goals that are positioned at the end of the driveway or on the lawn at the curb, which necessitate the game being played in the street are NOT allowed. Those goals should be removed and not replaced, even temporarily.

We do not encourage children to play in the streets, for a variety of safety reasons. Additionally, stray basketballs have struck neighboring homes and vehicles on occasion, and have become a point of tension between neighbors.

Please ensure that any sporting equipment of any kind is NOT used to encourage participants to conduct their activities in the street.

2. From an owner living in Pine Ridge: I am having an ongoing issue with 3 young girls with sticks beating on my fence and also tormenting my dogs. I know they live in the neighborhood but don’t know where. Today we caught them 2 times and told them to knock it off. They then came back a 3rd time and I told them if they did it again I would call the cops. We have an embankment behind our house and kids are always running behind our fence anyway but these 3 young girls torment our dogs with sticks! Please send out a letter to the residents about this.

3. Several other owners that back up to a lagoon have said that people are behind their house fishing or walking, etc. This is trespassing.

Please note that only owners who back up to a lagoon are allowed to be in the landscaped area between the lake water line and the property line.

Covenants: Article 9 Maintenance & Repair Section B. #3. (click here to view a complete copy of the covenant – PDF) Below is a portion: Lake Bank. “The landscaped area between the waterline of a Lake and an adjoining Waterfront Lot shall be reserved hereby for the use and enjoyment of the Residential Owner of the subject Lot and all other Residential Owners shall be restricted from entering upon such area, except as a guest or invitee of such Residential Owner.

4. is the email to register guests to be able to park temporarily on the street.

Rules allow for 96 hours (a 4-day weekend) with extensions available upon request for guest staying longer.

Daily registration for the same vehicle for an indefinite period is not allowed by the current rules.

– Pine Ridge Board of Directors