Securitas Security Service Hired to Provide Parking Enforcement and Street Safety

The Pine Ridge Board of Directors has engaged Securitas Security Agency to provide the neighborhood with parking enforcement services and to guarantee street safety. Securitas Agents are also empowered to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity to the Bluffton Police Department.

Pine Parking Rules have been updated and a copy attached to this letter. Please read carefully.

Many residents have not registered their vehicles with Parking Boss or used Parking Boss to register guest vehicles being parked on the street overnight. Securitas Agents will utilize Parking Boss to verify whether or not a vehicle is a registered guest and whether or not a vehicle is subject to fine or must be towed. It is essential to register overnight guest vehicles using Parking Boss  to prevent them being towed.

Securitas Agents are contracted by the Board of Directors to provide specific services:

  1. Securitas Agents are uniformed and carry identification
  2. Securitas Agents are empowered by the Board of Directors to identify improperly parked vehicles and to take appropriate action.
  3. Disputes regarding fines or towing should be addressed to the Board of Directors, thru Bundy Property Management, and NOT to the Securitas Agent.
  4. Interference with a Securitas Agent’s performance of their contracted responsibilities will result in a fine of $500 to the owner of the home.
  5. Assaulting a Securitas Agent will result in a fine of $1,000 and the possibility of arrest and prosecution.
  6. Securitas Agents are empowered to identify and report any suspicious or criminal activity to the local police.

Securitas Agents will begin patrolling the neighborhood effective 15 December 2021.

Initially, Securitas Agents will identify improperly parked vehicles by attaching a “WARNING” decal to the driver’s side window of the vehicle. No fine will be applied at that time, and the car will not be towed, unless it is creating a safety hazard that must be addressed immediately.

Beginning 15 January 2022, improperly parked vehicles will receive a “WARNING” Decal and the host homeowner will receive a $240 fine for 1st Offenses. The fine is to reinforce the seriousness of the need to register guests and obey parking restrictions.

2nd Offenses after 15 January 2022 will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. Current cost for towing is $240.

Parking is always difficult in Pine Ridge, due to the design of the driveways, storage available in the homes, and the street design of the community itself. Residents should seriously consider expanding their driveways if at all possible.Please refer questions to the Board of Directors or attend one of our monthly meetings to address issues or concerns.