Spring 2019 Newsletter

Happy Spring Pine Ridge residents –

I’d like to welcome our two newest board members, Tom McEwin (resident since May 2015) and John Langley (resident since April 2017). Tom has agreed to take the open Secretary position while John has agreed to the open Director position. We appreciate these gentlemen stepping up to support our community. They will serve the remaining of this year’s terms leaving four (4) open board member positions open in December; two (2) one year and (2) two year terms. Please keep this in mind as we will need nominations submitted by the end of October for the December meeting.

With the onset of spring, it is time to get out and take a look around your properties; yard maintenance, power washing and general maintenance / cleaning may be required. We will be asking members of the community to assist in keeping an eye out to help keep our community looking its best. Please have any required maintenance / cleaning accomplished by the end of April as we will be reviewing the community and sending letters in May this year.

To all responsible pet owners and smokers, I’d like to remind everyone to clean up after themselves and their pets by properly disposing of cigarette butts and pet waste. Please do your part to keep our community clean.

Volunteers are continually needed to support the community. The board has opted to combine some of our committees and started another, the Community Improvement Committee. Please take a moment to look over the new volunteer form, fill it out and send it back to Bundy Management. Even if you have filled out a form previously, a new 2019 form is required.

Thank you for choosing Pine Ridge as your home.

Sybil Nienke – President