Street Sealing

The Pine Ridge POA Board of Directors signed a contract with MAJ Construction in September, 2020 to seal the streets in Pine Ridge, extending the life of the pavement significantly, as well as improving the appearance of streets that have been patched or repaired.

Recently, Holly Ridge Dr. and Woodland Hills Dr. experienced some inconvenience due to limited notice about road work in front of their homes.

Two factors have delayed the completion of the contract: weather, and availability of the contractor. Weather and other scheduled projects have limited when MAJ Construction is available to do the sealing. Sadly, this means that we often have very short notice to react to the road blockages, just as we did last week.

We and Bundy Management will make every effort to notify residents when MAJ will be performing work. We will also suspend parking fines and towing for the night prior to work, the day of work, and the following evening, as long as parked vehicles do not pose a safety hazard (i.e., blocking fire hydrants, parking on cul de sacs, blocking intersections, etc.).

We understand that MAJ has been very accommodating to residents who needed to exit or enter their homes during the work. However, the material used to seal the street is designed to be durable, so if it gets on your vehicle, you will have an incredibly difficult time removing it from your car.

Please make plans NOW for what you will do with your vehicles when the work reaches your street! It will come, sooner or later, so being prepared NOW is the best plan.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we pursue this inconvenient, but essential work for our community.

Pine Ridge Board Members