Updates to Rules & Regulations, ACC Standards

Due to the ever changing dynamics of our community, your current board members have updated and enclosed the Architectural Design Standards, Rules and Regulations and common residential forms. These documents were created to provide clarification of the governing covenants. The covenants cannot be altered without 67% (209) of the owners approval. If you wish to be one of those 209, please send an email to Sybil Nienke: 54PineRidgeDr@gmail.com with the heading “Covenants“. Once the required number of owners desiring such change has been reached, I will contact each of you via email so that a meeting can be called and all suggestions heard.

Also enclosed, is a quick reference fact sheet regarding parking. This has been an issue since the onset of our community. The board is actively working on an overflow parking area within the community. If you are an owner / resident who would benefit / use this “park at your own risk” area, please send an email to Betty Black: bettyb518.bb@gmail.com with the heading “Overflow Parking Request” so that we may know approximately how many vehicles we are trying to accommodate.

There have been a lot of questions being brought up regarding our current towing company. This is a necessary evil due to the way our community was built. We just cannot allow parking on the street due to the reduced width of our streets. The board has made allowances for Emergency Vehicles and registered guests because there is an understanding that there are times when residents must have friends and family over to visit. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, THE RESIDENT MUST REGISTER THEIR GUEST TO PREVENT THEM FROM BEING TOWED, SEE ENCLOSED. IN ADDITION, DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS TO PREVENT BEING TOWED / FINED. As far as the selection of towing company, there is no contract with United Towing. A friendly arrangement allows his company to come into our neighborhood and tow violating vehicles. NOTE: He has been provided the same parking rules that are enclosed within this packet.

The board did contact (4) other towing companies within the Bluffton area. Each of these charged a minimum of $240; therefore, United is reasonably priced. Two of the companies did take a credit card, but there was an additional % fee to the card user. Otherwise, Cash was the preferred method of payment. We have spoken with United Towing and they are supposed to be providing receipts to anyone who has been towed. Please advise a board member if this is not the case.

Please know that your board is trying to look out for the best interest of your community which includes your safety, your satisfaction and the value of your property. With that said, we will be enforcing the enclosed documents and the governing covenants beginning Monday, April 2nd 15th, 2018.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I thank you in advance for your support and invite you to attend any and all board meetings regularly scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month at the Fire Station on 278 between Buckwalter and Rose Hill plantation, beginning at 6:30pm. If there is a change to this, updated information will be available on the NEW Pine Ridge Website @ www.PineRidgePOA.com.

Very Respectfully,

Sybil Nienke, Vice President
Pine Ridge POA