Yard of the Quarter – Fall 2020

We have two Yard of the Quarter winners this quarter! Both homes are well kept by the owners with two different styles of landscaping.

YOTQ Fall 2020
31 Pine Ridge Dr

The first winner is 31 Pine Ridge Drive, with a well maintained lawn, neat and tidy landscaping & home maintenance. The owner, Ms. Alves, is one of our senior residents and she does all the maintenance herself! Ms. Alves will receive a $50 Home Depot gift card.

YOTQ Fall 2020
1 Wiregrass Way

Our second winner this quarter is 1 Wiregrass Way. Residents Mr & Mrs Powell are also senior residents that enjoy managing their own landscaping and keeping their property looking beautiful! Mr. & Mrs Powell will receive a $50 Lowe’s Gift card.

Details about the Yard of the Quarter nominations & process can be found here.